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In Drunken Kaiju, you are exactly as the title suggests, a kaiju named Jimothy that had consumed a little too much radiation before his shift working for the Destructive Kaiju Company. Unfortunately, Jimothy hasn't been the best employee as of late and consistently drinks on the job too. Can you destroy the city despite Jimothy being under the influence?

Unique "Drunken" Movements: 

- Jimothy moves with the stagger and silliness of your average drunkard! Use the physics-based movement system to your advantage to destroy the charts!

- Fling yourself across the city with Jimothy’s drunken dives! 

 Gameplay Powerups: 

- Find clocks around the map to add overtime pay onto your shift!

- Drink from bottles of radiation to upset your monstrous stomach when your puke meter reaches 100 percent!

 Fully Destructible Environment: 

 -  Nuke City is an environment for you to destroy with all the flamboyant style of a giant drunken lizard! There are many secrets and locales to visit, so be sure to bash yourself anywhere and everywhere across the map!

- Throw objects in hopes of causing chain reactions to truly rock the block!

- You're on the clock! So the more you get done, the more your boss will reward you with higher ranks and greater pay at the end of your shift! 

Artwork by Shawn Flynn (@DecalfDraws)

Version 1.1 has been added!

Notable Changes:

- Fix cutscene and UI errors on native 1440p and 4K screens

- Fixed Infinite Pausing Glitch in-game

- Added the ability to Start, Pause, and Select in menus using the 'Enter' key on the keyboard

- Fixed a menu bug where players could spam the start button

- Mouse Cursor has been locked and hidden in the application (press the 'ESC' key on a keyboard to show the mouse cursor again).

- Version 1.1 cannot be played on a 4:3 aspect ratio screen



Tobey-Julian Joseph - Co-Producer, Programmer, Technical Artist, UI Designer, Audio Design

Emily Vescovi - Co-Producer, Environment Artist, Lead Texture Artist, Level Map Design

Erick Pompeo - Character Designer, Character Animator, Environment Artist, Level Design

Dan Hill - Lead Level Designer, UI Designer, UI Artist

Patrick Shufelt - Audio Designer, Texture Artist, Environment Artist, QA Tester

Sean Devlin - Music Composition

Jennie Han - Music Composition

(Full Credits available in-game!)


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Pretty awesome game! Love the concept and arcade-style gameplay. The UI could've used some improvement but other than that it's pretty solid. :)


Pretty epic game tbh